Weight Gain



Harvard: 5 Healthy Habits at Middle Age May Have Lasting Benefits

Maintaining five healthy habits–eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, not drinking too much alcohol, and …

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Study: Mediterranean Diet During Pregnancy Reduces Gestational Diabetes

A simple Mediterranean-style diet in pregnancy has the potential to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and weight gain according to a new study …


Strength and Weight Training Can Control Diabetes in Obese Individuals

New research from Brazil shows that vigorous physical exercise such as strength and weight training can reduce accumulated liver fat and improve …

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Study: Daily Self-Weighing Can Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Researchers at the University of Georgia have shown that a simple intervention – daily self-weighing – can help people avoid holiday …


Expert Advise: Special Concerns for Being Overweight and Exercising

By: Dr. Sheri Colberg, Diabetes Motion Expert Overweight individuals may have special concerns about exercise routines. In particular, being …


Weight Gain: Can It Really Cause Diabetes?

Health experts have stated there will be a rise in the number of people who gain weight over the next twenty years. Such an increase will bring about …


How to Gain Weight and Maintain Blood Glucose

Yes, you read the title correctly—there are people with diabetes that are actually trying to gain weight. These people are underweight and need to …

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