Can Diabetes Cause Weight Loss?

Research has shown that there is a link between diabetes and sudden weight loss. In fact, most patients who were eventually diagnosed with this …

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Insulin in a Pill: Daily Injections Maybe a Thing of the Past

Researchers at Harvard have developed an “insulin pill” that could change the way people manage their diabetes.  This could affect …

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What Type Of Diabetes Requires Insulin?

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes and wondering if that means you will have to start taking insulin? The answer to this question depends on two …

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Understanding Insulin: Short-Acting to Long Acting, and Many More

There are several varieties of insulin, ranging from the short-acting to the long-acting insulin, and many more.  The truth is that all insulin is …

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Insulin Chart

Each type of insulin has its own unique behavior. One difference among types of insulin is how long they take to start working at lowering …

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What is Insulin Resistance?

Cells throughout the body, including muscle and fat cells, need the hormone insulin to turn glucose (a form of sugar) into energy. In healthy …

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Amazing d-Tech: Insulin in a Pill

By Wil Dubois The problem with proteins is that they digest quite nicely. That’s not a problem when the protein is a T-Bone steak, but what if the …

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14 Ways to Lower Your Insulin Levels

Insulin is an extremely important hormone that’s produced by your pancreas. It has many functions, such as allowing your cells to take in sugar …

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Diabetes Simplified: What Is Insulin?

It’s clearer than water from an alpine mountain spring. It’s as expensive as French perfume. It’s nearly one hundred years old. It’s been …