Diabetes Technology



Klue Expands Artificial Intelligence Platform with Offering for Type 1 Diabetes

Klue, a digital health company focused on behavior tracking and positive change, announces today it plans to expand its platform to type 1 diabetes. …

The Best Insulin Pumps on the Market

An insulin pump is a small computerized device that delivers insulin for the treatment of diabetes. The pump is programmed to release insulin in …


Glucose Meter Shopping Guide

Looking for a blood glucose monitor? Here’s our extensive guide to the products on the market today. dLife does not endorse any product …


Amazing d-Tech: Insulin in a Pill

By Wil Dubois The problem with proteins is that they digest quite nicely. That’s not a problem when the protein is a T-Bone steak, but what if the …

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Meet Your New Pal: the Pedometer

Regular activity, like walking, is one of the best ways to help control your blood sugar levels. Using a pedometer, or step counter—a small, …

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Amazing d-Tech: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

By far the techiest of all d-Tech is continuous glucose monitoring, known simply as CGM. It’s so frickin’ high-tech, it borders on magic. It’s …