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Questions and Answers About Diabetes in the Workplace

Do you know what your rights are as a person with diabetes in the workplace? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that …

Diabetes Medical Management Plan Form for School

If your child has diabetes, it can be nerve-wracking sending them off to school—knowing that not all school staff understand proper diabetes …

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Helping Your Overweight Child

Healthy eating and physical activity are habits worth developing, as they are key to your child’s well-being. Eating too much and exercising too …

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Getting Financial Help for Diabetes

No matter whom you ask—patients, caregivers, medical professionals, insurers, even employers—diabetes is expensive. In 2013, the American …


Emotional Health and Type 1

The physical tasks related to diabetes management are easy to list: check your blood sugar, take your insulin, be mindful of your diet, and make sure …