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Diabetes Consultation 101 | 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, what questions should you ask your doctor at your next consultation to get you on the path …

Review: World’s First “Artificial Pancreas,” Medtronic’s MiniMed® 670G System

It’s almost been a year since the world’s first “artificial pancreas,” Medtronic’s MiniMed® 670G System has been commercially …

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Understanding Insulin: Short-Acting to Long Acting, and Many More

There are several varieties of insulin, ranging from the short-acting to the long-acting insulin, and many more.  The truth is that all insulin is …

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Testing: How Accurate Are Diabetes Test Strips?

It’s important to monitor your blood glucose level in order for you to control it.  And that’s why diabetes test strips play an important role. …

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Diabetes Medical Management Plan Form for School

If your child has diabetes, it can be nerve-wracking sending them off to school—knowing that not all school staff understand proper diabetes …

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