Children that Have Access to CGMs Have Improved Diabetes Care

Although the use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in clinical practice has drastically increased over the past five to six years, only about 25% …


Senseonics Gets FDA Approval for New Dosing Indication for the Eversense® 90-day CGM

Senseonics Holdings, Inc., announced that they received FDA approval for the non-adjunctive indication (dosing claim) for the Eversense Continuous …


Study: Use of Remote CGMs Reduce Parental Anxiety

Using a continuous glucose monitor reduces the stress and anxiety that parents undergo when managing their child’s type 1 diagnosis, according …


Dexcom G6® Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to be Available to Medicare Beneficiaries with Diabetes

DexCom, Inc., announced the new Dexcom G6® continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM), will be covered for Medicare beneficiaries in the U.S. …

The Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Maintaining good blood glucose control is the most powerful tool in preventing diabetes complications. Many people use a blood glucose meter to check …

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