State of Illinois Passes Legislation to Cap Monthly Insulin Co-Pays

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By : dLife Editors

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed legislation that will cap insulin co-pays in the state of Illinois last week.

The legislation, Senate Bill 667 (SB 667) also requires the Illinois Department of Insurance to issue a report that includes a summary of insulin pricing practices as well as public policy recommendations to control and prevent overpricing of prescription insulin drugs made available to Illinois consumers.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) applauded Governor Pritzker and bill sponsors Senator Andy Manar and Representative Will Guzzardi for their leadership on the urgently needed legislation to provide relief from the burden of high insulin costs for people living with diabetes in Illinois.

“This American Diabetes Association-supported legislation marks a major victory in our fight for affordable insulin for all who need it,” said Dr. LaShawn McIver, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Advocacy for the ADA.

“Thank you to Governor Pritzker, Senator Manar, and Representative Guzzardi for introducing and passing this critical legislation, and for your continued efforts to protect the more than 1.3 million Illinoisans living with diabetes,” McIver added.

Senator Manar said the swift passage of the insulin bill, driven by ordinary people, shows that Illinoisans are united by the simple belief that no family should ever be forced to ration or go without life-saving medication.

“This powerful display of grassroots advocacy proves that we can address the larger systemic issues related to expensive prescription drug prices,” said Manar. “We must continue to force the conversation with those in power and always reject the notion that transformational change to this deeply-flawed industry is out of reach.”

Manar added he looks forward to getting back to work with advocacy groups to build on the success of Senate Bill 667.

For more information about this legislation, contact Senator Manar’s office at

If you are struggling to pay for insulin or know someone who is, the ADA has resources to help—visit

American Diabetes Association.


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