Spring Break Travel Guide: Traveling with Diabetes

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By : dLife Editors

Spring is here, the sun is coming out and you may be itching to come out of winter hibernation. Let’s talk about Spring Break, a good time to catch up with children and grandchildren that may be near and far and maybe go on a little trip.

Whether you are going for a little trip to see the spring flowers, or a larger, cross-country trip, the core dilemma many with diabetes face is where and how to pack all the back-up supplies that you may need including, pumps, monitors, insulin, and medication.

Don’t forget the glucose tablets, alcohol wipes, extra syringes, and insulin pens and needles. In preparation, you’ve got to figure out how to keep all that insulin cool.

Clearly, the biggest trouble with travel is the pre-travel stress: trying to convince your health insurance company why you need to pre-order so many glucose test strips and so much medication, and then worrying about how to pack it all.

Here are some Spring Time Travel Tips!