Simple Ways to Find Fitness Motivation

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By : Suvarna Sheth

Getting yourself to workout can be tough.

Long work days, family commitments and overall fatigue can make it very easy for you to skip a workout.

Make a promise to yourself to stop the excuses – here are some simple ways you can motivate yourself to exercise.


Find a Buddy

Exercise is a lot more fun when it’s with a friend. If you can’t grab a friend or neighbor for a post-dinner walk, catch up with someone farther away by chatting on the phone while walking around your home or outside for 30 minutes.


Work While You Watch

Turn inactive time – like watching your favorite TV show or a child’s soccer game – into your 30 minutes a day.

Try pacing back and forth, stretching or combining squats, lunges or knee lifts.


Put Out a Visual Cue

Laying out your athletic clothing the night before can serve as a great motivator to fit in that walk or jog. Not sure you can brave the cold? For another incentive to keep active, unroll your yoga mat next to your bed to encourage yourself to start the day with a series of awakening sun salutations.


Just Dance

Put on a pop station (or any station you like), crank up the volume, and throw a dance party in the living room. 30 minutes of your best moves can burn about 200 calories.


Hold Yourself Accountable

It can be easy to dismiss a goal you set earlier in the week, but by setting exercise goals, which you can do on your own or via a new feature on the Fitbit app, you can set weekly exercise goals and watch as all the little and big things you do throughout the week will add up.

It’s an added layer of motivation as well as self-accountability – things that always help when trying to reach health and fitness goals.


Monitor your activity to keep you moving

For those needing an extra nudge, an activity tracker like those from Fitbit can also serve as a gentle reminder to get moving every day.

A device like the Fitbit can track steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed right on the wrist providing real-time feedback to keep you motivated.

In addition, with Fitbit’s PurePulse™ technology, this tracker helps you maintain workout intensity, monitor calorie-burn, and get all-day insights and trends to give you a more complete picture of your health and fitness.