POPS! Diabetes Care Inc. Raises New Financing for Launch of New System

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By : Suvarna Sheth

POPS! Diabetes Care, the developer of the POPS! one blood glucose monitoring system, today announced that the company closed on a new equity financing, led by 30Ventures and joined by other investors.

The funding will be used for the company’s launch of its recently FDA-cleared POPS! one System.

The POPS! one System is a new digital diabetes management system that works with any smartphone. The device synchronizes data to a mobile application using Bluetooth.

The device’s smart app uses AI technology to observe the user’s behavior and adapts reminders, tips, encouragements, and rewards, to enhance a user’s behavior.

Users also have the choice to share their data with physicians, family members, and friends, including real-time notifications.

“We are honored by the support and trust of investors to change diabetes management,” said Lonny Stormo, CEO of POPS! Diabetes care, in a statement. “The POPS! team is excited to commercialize our solution and help people with diabetes own their life.”

POPS! one is designed to enable people with diabetes to successfully control their condition.

POPS! offers a new approach to diabetes management – a virtual care solution that liberates people with diabetes through positive user experience, encouraging sustained use and the opportunity to drive better outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

“We recognized a big opportunity in POPS!, and are very excited to lead this financing and help drive the launch of the POPS! one System,” said George Arida, managing director of 30Ventures in a press release. “It offers an elegant solution for millions trying to manage their diabetes efficiently, discretely, and effectively.”


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