Pack Health; Glooko Partner to Integrate Glucose Monitoring with Digital Health Coaching

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By : Suvarna Sheth

Pack Health, a digital health coaching platform, announced it will team up with Glooko, a diabetes data management platform, to augment diabetes health coaching and care coordination services with remote real-time data for blood glucose control.

Integrating data from Glooko’s diabetes management app into Pack Health’s coaching platform will enable health advisors at Pack Health to better visualize participating members’ blood glucose trends and management activities in real-time.

“An individual with Type 2 Diabetes typically spends one or two of the six thousand hours they’re awake each year with clinicians,” Dhiren Patel, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM, VP of Medical Affairs for Pack Health, tells dLife.

“Health advisors have a unique function on the care team because they support members between visits to overcome social determinant barriers and improve health behaviors such as diet, physical activity, and medication adherence,” he adds.

Patel says Pack Health provides members with “a high touch engagement model,” with 5 outbound touchpoints per week, along with evidence-based coaching techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, drive unprecedented accountability and momentum to help members achieve their diabetes management goals.

“Patient engagement and outcomes are at the heart of everything we do, and now our health advisors are able to use actionable insights to further empower people with diabetes,” says Patel. “Glooko enables us to have a much deeper understanding of blood glucose trends while maintaining the focus on experiences, barriers, and goals that matter to the member on a more personal level.”

Pack Health has engaged members in all 50 states, through employers, health plans, health systems, and grants. The program is offered to members through employers, health plans, health systems, and grants, with no out of pocket expense for patients.

Members with diabetes improve their HbA1c by 1 percent on average in their first 12 weeks, with 23.1% more members achieving blood sugar control in their first 12 weeks (from 24.5% at baseline to 47.6% after 12 weeks of membership).

What will the partnership with Glooko achieve?

Patel says teaming up with Glooko will enable participating members to share blood glucose data with their health advisors without having to take time out of their weekly coaching calls to recall blood glucose trends.

“This highly specific, accurate, real-time view of members’ blood glucose trends gives health advisors a data-driven way to further personalize recommendations and illuminate links between actions, such as diet and exercise, and blood glucose levels.”

Patel says the integration of real-time glucose monitoring data also enables the Pack Health platform to align with CMS remote patient monitoring to advance clinical care.

“The results speak for themselves and we hope to benefit all our joint customers in the diabetes ecosystem; people with diabetes, health systems, payers and partners with this new relationship,” states Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko.

Of members who opted-in to beta test the integration, 71 percent are currently sharing Glooko data with their health advisor, and with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Pack Health will continue to assess the impact of this service upon broader implementation, with a particular focus on optimizing for use as part of a reimbursable Chronic Care and Remote Patient Monitoring Program.


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