Our Best Tips for Celebrating Halloween with Diabetes

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By : dLife Editors

Plan Ahead


Make a plan to deal with the fun-size candy bars. Have a mental note of what you are consuming and count every carb. Plan out some fun activities that don’t center around food. Find a Ghost Tour in your city, go to a costume contest, go see a spooky movie, visit a Haunted House, or go to a corn maze.

Chew Gum

best-friends-chewing-bubble gum

Buy a large pack of sugarless gum in different fun flavors. Keeping something sweet in your mouth and keeping the jaws busy will help you say no to the Reese’s.

Eat Dinner on Time


Don’t skip dinner on Halloween, or ever for that matter. Fill up on a healthy meal, a soup, and a big salad whether you head out, or stay in, for trick-or-treating.

Stash the Loot

Interior with grey fridge

Don’t buy candy until the last possible minute and then buy your least favorite kinds. Next, stash your loot away in your upper cabinets or in the extra fridge in the garage. When it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind!

Say “No” to Left Overs

Assortment of Halloween treat

As tempting as it might be, get rid of the leftovers right away. Give them to your guests as a party favor as they leave or package them up and take them to the office or give them to a shelter or food pantry. Also donate your extra candy.