One Drop Launches New Tool and Integrates with Health Records on iPhone

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By : dLife Editors

One Drop, a digital healthcare company, today announced the launch of a powerful new approach to supporting people with diabetes in their day-to-day self-management called Personal Diabetes Assistant.

The company also announced integration with Health Records on iPhone, empowering all One Drop iOS users to seamlessly share their electronic health records with their personal coaches through the One Drop platform.

Together, these new additions to the One Drop platform represent important steps toward alleviating the burden of living with diabetes and facilitating the seamless exchange of health data between patients, care teams, and healthcare institutions.

“We are giving information that used to sit solely inside big health institutions back to the people where it can be most relevant,” said Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder of One Drop in a statement. “Empowering people to engage in their own self-care by providing on-demand access to their health information and the ability to share as they please is a big step toward lowering costs and democratizing healthcare.”

Personal Diabetes Assistant allows users select their recurring health management tasks, such as blood glucose checks, medication doses, meals, physical activity, weigh-in’s, and blood pressure measurements, and One Drop delivers a personalized daily schedule based on users’ unique needs.

The assistant provides a clear view of what is coming up and what has been accomplished for the day, relieving the constant burden of remembering what to do and when.

An estimated 41% of people with diabetes are inactive; 62% do not take medications as prescribed; 67% do not follow a recommended eating plan, and 76% do not check blood glucose as recommended.

One Drop’s Personal Diabetes Assistant tackles these issues.

It can be easily configured by the user or caregiver and helps drive consistent medication adherence, as well as blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight management, through continuous motivation and support.

Users also receive daily encouragement to be physically active and eat healthily. As users complete items in their schedule, either manually or automatically through thousands of integrated personal health devices, Personal Diabetes Assistant tracks, and displays users’ progress toward customizable health goals.

By breaking down long-term goals like lowering A1C or losing weight into smaller daily units, One Drop makes the impossible attainable — empowering users to achieve optimal health outcomes through sustained behavior change.

Personal Diabetes Assistant paired with One Drop’s AI-powered Automated Decision Support, seamlessly integrated devices, and provides one-on-one coaching from One Drop Experts.

Health Records on iPhone

With Health Records on iPhone, patients at participating healthcare institutions can access their medical records via the Health app, alongside their patient-generated data, for a more holistic view of their health.

With One Drop, users subscribed to One Drop Experts can instantly share electronic medical records with their personal diabetes coach. One Drop coaches can use vitals, labs, and medication history to offer users advice on other aspects of diabetes health, such as A1c, kidney function, and blood lipid levels.

One Drop is one of the first diabetes platforms to integrate with Health Records on iPhone, and the first glucose meter to send data directly to Apple Watch.

It integrates with CareKit, one of the first diabetes management platforms to support Siri Shortcuts, a digital diabetes education program recognized by the American Diabetes Association, and the first diabetes platform to accurately predict blood glucose levels up to 12 hours into the future.

“Healthcare should never be delivered in silos, and the more information healthcare providers have about their patients, the better,” said Dr. Mark Heyman, Vice President of Clinical Innovation at One Drop.

“Integration with Health Records on iPhone is a game changer for One Drop’s digital therapeutics platform,” Heyman adds. “Access to the information available in Health Records on iPhone takes digital healthcare out of its silo and allows One Drop coaches to give users the most personalized coaching experience possible.”

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