One Drop Launches Blood Glucose “Forecasts” for People with Type 2 Diabetes on Insulin

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By : dLife Editors

One Drop announced the expansion of their AI-powered Predictive Insights to include 8-hour blood glucose forecasts for One Drop, Mobile iOS users with Type 2 diabetes, including those on oral medications and/or basal insulin regimens.

One Drop is now the only provider of blood glucose forecasts for people with Type 2 diabetes.

One Drop’s machine learning algorithms are powered by more than 2.2 billion data points, collected from over 1.2 million One Drop users.

As One Drop’s data pool grows, so does the strength and accuracy of the forecasts. Currently, the machine learning algorithms accurately predict blood glucose levels up to 24 hours into the future, with over 90% of 24-hour predictions within 50 mg/dL of the true value.

Along with each 8-hour forecast, One Drop users simultaneously receive behavioral advice—formally known as One Drop Automated Decision Support—relevant to their glucose forecast and estimated time-in-range.

The advice, developed by behavioral scientists and clinicians, is carefully matched to specific blood glucose values and trends to ensure optimal effectiveness. Target blood glucose range is customized based on user-specific mealtimes.

“You can only learn so much by looking back at what already happened,” says Dr. Dan Goldner, VP of data science operations at One Drop. “We want to empower you to look ahead—to see what’s coming and know what you can do about it. Like the collision-avoidance system in your car, glucose forecasts give you the information in time for you to take action and shape the course of your diabetes.”

One Drop presented data on real-world users’ feedback for blood glucose forecasts and Automated Decision Support at the 2019 American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions.

The data indicate most users find personalized predictions and advice beneficial. To date, 92% of responses to the insights are, ‘This is helpful.’

“For too long, healthcare has been reactive, and focused on treating symptoms after conditions and complications develop,” said Jeff Dachis, founder and CEO of One Drop. “With One Drop, we now have the capability to be predictive, proactive and focused on the future, and change behavior before problems ever occur.”

As of June 2019, 8-hour blood glucose forecasts are available for One Drop, Mobile iOS users with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes—including those taking oral medications and administering basal insulin.

Forecasts for One Drop Mobile on Android are coming soon.

Next, One Drop will launch blood glucose forecasts for all people with diabetes monitoring blood glucose on either BGM or CGM, including those on bolus insulin.

Moving forward, One Drop plans to continually invest in Big Data and machine learning technology to offer increasingly accurate and relevant Predictive Insights to the greatest number of people possible.

Feature image courtesy: One Drop.


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