New Predictive Genetic Test for Diabetes Now Available in the U.S.

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By : dLife Editors

The first-ever predictive genetic test for Type 2 diabetes, DIABETESpredict® will now be available in the U.S.

The test works by evaluating the risk of the disease onset by examining individual genetic profiles.

It was originally introduced in Europe and in Mexico by the European company, Patia in collaboration with world-leading doctors and scientists in an effort to lessen the impact of the global pandemic that diabetes is today.

“No two diabetics are the same, that’s why, after a rigorous analysis, we offer customized lifestyle recommendations to make DIABETESpredict® as effective as possible for each unique person,” states Dr. Mirella Zulueta, medical director at Patia.

“Patia has analyzed in detail the results of the largest scientific studies and meta-analyses of the human genome in diabetics. Altogether such studies collected information from more than 110,000 diabetic and non-diabetic people to identify the genetic variants most associated with Type 2 diabetes,” she explains.

The test will be offered in the U.S. by Premier Medical Laboratory Services.

How Does it Work?

Test results of DIABETESpredict® reveal whether a patient is at a high, medium or low risk of suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

From a simple buccal swab or a blood sample, the DNA sequence of 16 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) is determined through a high performance genotyping platform at Premier Medical Laboratory.

Once that data is gathered, Patia’s proprietary mathematical algorithm offers a risk score.

In addition, the DIABETESpredict® results report provides individualized diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations informed by the genetic profile detected in each person.

This information may support doctors in anticipating monitoring routines and lifestyle interventions to prevent Type 2 diabetes, as well as in creating customized plans for newly diagnosed diabetics.

DIABETESpredict® will also offer integrated wearable pedometers, smartphone, and web-based apps and games to aid patients in their treatment plan and to help ensure that they stay on track.


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