LifeScan, Inc. Introduces the OneTouch Reveal® Plus Mobile App in Canada

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By : dLife Editors

LifeScan, Inc. recently introduced the OneTouch Reveal® Plus mobile app, which has received a Health Canada license. It will soon be available to health benefit plans for adults 18 years and older living with diabetes.

Powered by Welldoc’s BlueStar® technology – OneTouch Reveal® Plus will offer individualized, real‐time coaching based on a patient’s specific treatment plan, from the same familiar mobile app brand in Canada, the OneTouch Reveal®.

“LifeScan is excited to expand our partnership with Welldoc to bring new digital innovation to the Canadian healthcare market,” said Barb Jackalin, senior regional business unit director of LifeScan Canada. “The introduction of OneTouch Reveal® Plus highlights our sustained commitment in helping to drive better self‐management and health outcomes by building a more connected and engaging patient experience – ultimately creating value for patients as well as health care providers.”

How Will it Work?

Blood glucose data can be automatically transmitted from the OneTouch Verio Flex® blood glucose monitoring system, using its built‐in Bluetooth® Smart Technology, to the OneTouch Reveal® Plus mobile app.

The OneTouch Reveal® Plus mobile app will provide people with individualized in‐the‐moment feedback and virtual coaching based on their specific treatment plan and can assist their health care team in making timely diabetes management decisions.

The app will engage users in weekly challenges and will offer meal planning support tools, an insulin calculator, and connectivity with popular activity trackers.

In addition, blood pressure and weight management features allow for the management of other conditions that can be associated with diabetes.

Future OneTouch® Brand meters will connect to OneTouch Reveal® Plus once commercially available in Canada.

“Backed by proven outcomes demonstrated in clinical trials conducted with the BlueStar® digital therapeutic, we believe the app can offer a cost‐effective, scalable solution to help address challenges often posed by diabetes to the Canadian health care system,” said Welldoc president and CEO Kevin McRaith. “We are excited to continue to expand our relationship with our valued partner, LifeScan, by offering OneTouch Reveal® Plus to the Canadian market.”

Feature Image courtesy: Lifescan Inc.