JDRF Commits $8 Million in Grants to Advance Type 1 Diabetes Research

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By : dLife Editors

JDRF, a global organization funding Type 1 diabetes research, announced it has committed more than $8 million in new funds to accelerate Type 1 (T1D) research.

The funds go towards 23 training grants for the next generation of Type 1 experts in 9 states, as well as Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, in partnership with 20 institutions.

The grants will provide critical support for the research and training of promising postdoctoral fellows and early-career scientists who are seeking to understand the basic biology of and better treatments for Type 1 diabetes.

“JDRF funds cutting-edge T1D research from exceptional investigators from all over the world,” says Sanjoy Dutta, JDRF vice president of research.

“This work supports all of JDRF’s research priorities, from prevention to glucose control to beta cell replacement, and will play a critical role in bringing T1D therapies to market faster,” he added.

The awards include:

  • 5 Career Development Awards, which provide five years of support for promising scientists early in their careers to fund groundbreaking research on T1D
  • 2 Early-Career Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research Awards, which provide five years of funding for clinician-researchers who are doing research while progressing their clinical careers
  • 2 Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowships, providing three years of funding to postdoctoral investigators who are transitioning from their fellowship to a faculty position, with an optional one-year supplement, which will serve as a bridge between their fellowship and an independent career
  • 14 Postdoctoral Fellowships, which provide three years of funding for young scientists who are bringing creative new insights and perspectives to the T1D research field

With this support, JDRF investigators are shedding light on some of the most important questions in T1D research, including the development of ultra-fast and smart insulins, a better way to enclose the beta cells for transplantation and enhancing immunotherapies using a microscopic material called nanoparticles.

You can learn more about JDRF’s commitment to improving the lives of those with T1D and finding cures through innovative research at jdrf.org



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