JDRF and Beyond Type 1 Team Up to Serve T1D Community

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By : dLife Editors

JDRF and Beyond Type 1, two leading diabetes organizations announced the creation of a new partnership designed to provide greater support for those impacted by Type 1 diabetes.

JDRF is a leading global organization funding Type 1 diabetes research, and Beyond Type 1, is one of the largest diabetes online communities and nonprofits.

The alliance aims to better serve and educate the Type 1 community, including the 1.25 million Americans living with the disease, by working collaboratively to leverage the unique resources, skills, and expertise of each organization.

A core goal of the alliance will be to create and deliver resources that mirror the cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the T1D community — with a key focus on adults impacted by the disease.

The organizations plan to focus on three core pillars: Community Programs, Advocacy, and Communications along with Education.


“We are different organizations, but we all are here for the same reason,” said Dr. Aaron J. Kowalski, JDRF president, and CEO. “To cure this disease and improve the lives of those living with T1D today. Working together, we aim to get there faster.”

David Panzirer, a trustee at the Helmsley Charitable Trust said the alliance is a huge win for people with Type 1 diabetes as it will reduce duplicate efforts and allow both organizations to grow stronger, be more efficient, and more effectively serve the T1D community

“JDRF and Beyond Type 1 both work tirelessly to serve the T1D community, and each brings complementary strengths to this partnership,” added Thom Scher, Beyond Type 1 CEO. “Through the alliance, we will work together to create better education, easy connections to resources and programs, and a louder, more powerful voice in advocacy,”

Scher said the alliance enables both organizations to have a shared vision while still allowing each to excel in unique areas of focus.

“We are honored to be working with JDRF, and excited for all of the ways the alliance will benefit the T1D community,” he said.


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