Is Cinnamon Good for Your Health?

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By : dLife Editors

Now that the holidays are over and the pumpkin spice, egg nog, and flavorful teas are all put away, you may be missing the warm, earthy, and distinct flavor of a special spice called cinnamon.

Cinnamon is derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree. In many cultures, it has been used as both a spice and traditional medicine. You will even find it in health stores as a supplement in the form of capsules, teas, and extracts.

Ceylon cinnamon, which is native to Sri Lanka, is the type of cinnamon to look out for when you are spice shopping.

So far, cinnamon is not on the list of things most doctors would recommend when prescribing a drug regime, however, integrative or homeopathic doctors may because emerging research suggests that cinnamon may have a role in many health benefits. Still, more research is needed.

Follow these slides to learn about the many benefits of this naturally occurring spice.