Healthcare Technology Company Offers Inexpensive Alternative to A1c Testing

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By : dLife Editors

ForaCare, a technology company specializing in diabetes, hypertension, and chronic heart failure announced a new, low-cost, approach to A1c testing with their product, the FORA® A1C100 Hemoglobin A1c Analyzer.

The innovative analyzer requires the tiniest sample volume (<0.2 µl) of blood to give healthcare professionals accurate HbA1c and eAG results ranging from 4% to 16% in less than 6 minutes.

How Does the System Work?

The fully automatic operation requires no sample pretreatment or pipetting. And there’s no clinical waste as all liquids are sealed in the cartridge for easy disposal.

A healthcare professional will collect a blood sample, insert that sample in the capillary of the cartridge, insert the cartridge into the analyzer, and gently pull a silver tab.

Using a highly sensitive immunoturbidimetry detection method, the FORA A1C100 analyzes the sample automatically when the cover closes.

Once the results are revealed, the embedded thermal printer can immediately give patients a copy of their HbA1c and eAG measurements.

All ForaCare devices connect to the FORA® 24/7 HealthView Telehealth System via Bluetooth or cellular connection so physicians can view patient data in real-time and provide better health outcomes.

Clinicians can also upload results from the FORA A1C100 to a computer via a USB flash drive to keep track of patient trends.

For more information on the FORA A1C100 Analyzer, visit ForaCare.

Source: ForaCare. Feature image courtesy: ForaCare.