Famous People with Diabetes: Maria Marin

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By : dLife Editors

Claim to fame: international speaker, columnist, author, and radio personality
DOB: unknown
Diabetes Type: 1

Maria Marin is a native of Puerto Rico and an international motivational speaker, national newspaper columnist, author, and radio host. She is known worldwide for her expertise in the art of negotiation. Her wealth of knowledge in this area has allowed her to become the only Latina who teaches negotiation all around the world.

At the age of eight, Marin lost her mother to cancer. Overwhelmed with grief, she found comfort in food, and soon began struggling with the battle of being overweight. At the age of fifteen, Marin was diagnosed with diabetes, a hardship that would inspire her later accomplishments. “My adversities as a child helped me recognize that no matter what hardships come your way,” says Marin, “you can still fulfill your dreams.”

Marin has since partnered with the American Diabetes Association’s Latino initiative Por tu Familia to educate Latinos about the seriousness of diabetes within their community. Latinos are twice as likely as whites to be diagnosed with diabetes. Por tu Familia, translated in English as For Your Family, sponsors community-based programs in English and Spanish to inform Latinos about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices in order to prevent diabetes, and to help those living with the disease. The initiative sponsors a variety of outreach programs that are culturally specific to the Latino community. Programs and events sponsored by the initiative emphasize the uniqueness of the Latino culture and incorporate rich customs, such as dance and traditional cuisine. These programs teach the basics of preventing diabetes, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle for those diagnosed with the disease.

Marin has taught many people how to improve their negotiating skills, including Fortune 500 companies, major corporations in Latin America, and many women’s organizations around the world. Her years of teaching negotiation skills soon became the launch pad for her successful career in the personal transformation field.

Marin is the author of the bestselling book Mujer Sin Limite and the audiobook Secrets of a Confident Woman. Women Without Limits, her newspaper column, is published weekly throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and her monthly column appears in Español magazine.

In 2007, ABC Radio Network signed Marin to host a nationally-broadcasted show created to empower women. The following year, she received a Medallas de Cortez award for Personality of the Year. Other awards include Latina Entrepreneur of the Year 2004, given by the Latin Business Association, Latina Professional of the Year 2005, from the National Latina Business Women Association, Latina Entrepreneur of the Year 2005, sponsored by Wells Fargo, Latina Excellence 2006, given by the Hispanic Women’s Corporation, and Latina Woman of the Year 2006, from the National Latina Business Women Association.