Diabetes Medical Management Plan Form for School

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By : dLife Editors

If your child has diabetes, it can be nerve-wracking sending them off to school—knowing that not all school staff understand proper diabetes management or know what to do in an emergency.

Younger or newly diagnosed students may need help with all aspects of their diabetes care and doctor’s orders for school care need to be specific for individuals.

The American Diabetes Association has partnered with the National Diabetes Education Program to create a Diabetes Medical Management Plan template that can be customized for every student.

You can download the Diabetes Medical Management Plan here.

A few pointers for filling out a Diabetes Medical Management Plan:

The form should be completed by the student’s personal health care team and parents/guardians.

Review with relevant school staff and ask that copies be kept in a place easily accessed by other school personnel.

Make sure you modify the form for your child and take out portions that do not apply to your student.

Don’t forget to update the form annually or whenever your child’s diabetes management, or school circumstances change.

Updated by dLife Editors, 8/18.