Great Food Swaps for Diabetes—Sprouted Bread

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By : dLife Editors

Be adventurous, and try something new this week: Buy some sprouted bread. Why? These breads can be more nutrient-packed and have less impact on blood sugar than regular breads.

Formerly found only in the refrigerated sections of little health food stores, breads made from sprouted grains are increasing in popularity and availability. Traditional bread is made from grains––usually, little hard kernels––that are ground up and made into flour. Sprouted bread is made from grains that have been allowed to sprout before being ground. Once it sprouts, the grain contains a greater array of nutrients, and it may even decrease a bit in carbohydrates and glycemic impact.

Jennie Brand-Miller and her colleagues—co-authors of The New Glucose Revolution and What Makes My Blood Glucose Go Up and Down?—theorize that when a grain begins to sprout, it is likely that it uses its most readily available carbohydrate to fuel the actual growing of the tiny shoot. The result would be fewer carbohydrates left after sprouting.

Virtually any grain that can be made into flour can be sprouted first, so browse the selection in your natural foods store and start experimenting. You may find you love the crunch of one or the tangy, nutty flavor of another.

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