Great Food Swaps for Diabetes—Macadamia Nuts

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By : dLife Editors

If you love shortbread or coconut butter cookies, try this trick. Take a handful of roasted macadamia nuts and close your eyes. Pop a few in your mouth and chew slowly. Crunchy, buttery, sweet––and taste that hint of coconut? They’re pretty densely packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. And because they are so rich and filling, macadamias are satiating. You’re less likely to overindulge. If you love the flavor, try some macadamia nut butter on a few apple or celery slices.

Ten to twelve macadamia nuts deliver about 200 calories and 20 grams of fat and are also very low in carbohydrates (4 grams), have little impact on blood sugar, and deliver protein (2 grams), fiber (2 grams), magnesium, iron, calcium, and a good assortment of other minerals. They can satisfy a sweet craving while contributing to heart health and blood sugar regulation.

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