The Ultimate Immunity Building Routine for Diabetics

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Are you susceptible to infections even when there’s a slight change in temperature, lack of sleep and exercise, chaotic routines, or stress at work? This might be an indicator of a weak immune system. When you have diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, it’s important to keep your immune system strong — now more than ever! With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, strengthening one’s immunity has been a top priority for everyone at the moment; especially when you have a condition like diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people with underlying conditions like diabetes may be at a higher risk for serious health problems if infected by the novel coronavirus. 

Apart from the obvious, exercising regularly, maintaining personal hygiene, getting adequate sleep, and drinking lots of water, eating healthy plays a key role in boosting immunity! Looking to kill two birds in one stone? Researchers at Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute have discovered that certain foods— can improve your immune health and reduce the risk of developing diabetes at the same time! Here are some immunity booster foods that can help:

Garlic: Great for flavoring food, garlic is a good source of both inulins (a type of dietary fiber that helps in improving digestive health, helping control diabetes, and aiding weight loss) and FOS, that boosts your immune system with every bite! Research published in the November 2011 edition of the Journal of Nutrition suggests that adding garlic to your diet can increase your body’s fat-burning ability, as well.

Oranges: Loaded with vitamin C that can fend off flu and lower your diabetes risk in one fell swoop, oranges might a great addition to your diet if you are aiming for a strong immunity system! This tasty fruit is one of the easiest ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, is the best fruit for immune booster and get healthier at the same time.

Onions: A study published in the Journal Nutrition says, onion helps in controlling your blood sugar level along with having strong antioxidants in them that can potentially ward off the bacteria and viruses keeping you safe! 

Ginger: Ginger has been used since the beginning of time to treat many ailments. It’s used to improve digestion, as an anti-inflammatory, and also known to be the best immune booster foods! It also helps break down the buildup of toxins in the organs, which make you vulnerable to infections. Consuming some hot water mixed with fresh ginger and lemon is a great way to kick-start your day!

Mushroom: Packed with antioxidants, nutrients like B vitamins, fiber, and selenium, mushrooms are known to keep your gut healthy and immunity well. Along with increased production of cytokines that can fight infections effectively, this food has antibacterial, antiviral, and tumor-fighting properties as well!

Remember, eating well is crucial not just for good health, but also for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. By staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce the frequency of illness and infections that you fall prey to every once in a while!