A Perfect Weekend Paired With Healthy Choices!

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As the weekend approaches, you get ready to make the most of it but instead, you end up sleeping in for longer hours, ordering comfort food, lazying around, binge-watching your favorite series, late-night parties, and boom, before you know it, your weekend is over! Sound familiar? You’ve probably worked on your health all week with one target in mind — getting through the weekend while being productive and staying on track with your health goals! Yet often when you actually reach the weekend, all your willpower goes out the window and you begin to gobble up all the chicken fingers and guzzling beer down your throat! 

We need to remember that being healthy is a lifestyle that cannot be compromised even during weekends and we can always make healthier choices to ensure consistency within our healthy lifestyles. Often, those who “live for the weekend” let themselves go on a weekend…having fun is more important! But is it really necessary to let a weekend undo a whole week of healthy habits and choices? Is there anything you can do to turn this vicious circle around? Yes, you can! According to Health Fitness Revolution‘s here are some tips that can change your weekends!

Pay attention to what you eat: Avoid heading to a buffet over the weekends, as they offer numerous options that tempt you to try more things and encourage over-eating. Choose a restaurant or resort with a pool or dance floor instead or a picnic spot where you can play different games making them better alternatives for spending your weekend in a healthy way.

Start your day right: Breakfast is an important meal of the day, start your day with a plate full of salad not only curbs your hunger but also keeps you from over-eating. Use low-calorie dressing like lemon and vinegar with olive oil, which are better alternatives than mayonnaise or any other ranch-style dressings.

Eating out? Order wisely: Order dishes that are grilled, baked, or steamed instead of those that are fried. Choosing lean meats, chicken, and fish instead of lamb or beef will be a better alternative without compromising at the taste front! Dishes with tomato, pesto, or spinach sauce are excellent choices over white or cheese sauce. Instead of opting for bigger portions, take small portions at one time and then proceed further.

Get outside: Going on an early morning hike could be a great way to kick-start your weekend! A nice swim or dancing with your friends over Sunday brunch is not only fun but also helps in burning lots of calories. A game of football or volleyball at a beach or a resort is perfect to unwind after the tiring week and also helps you connect with your loved ones.

Try something new: Don’t just limit your weekends to parties and brunches, try something new with your loved ones like a movie/ TV-series marathon with friends with healthy food options on its sides, a visit to a comedy theatre or play, a trip to the beach are just as amazing options to spend your weekend in a healthy way.

After an amazing weekend, it is important to get back to your regular eating patterns from Monday to make up for all those extra calories consumed during the weekend. Jumpstart your week with high protein, low carbohydrate diet, and never let the weekend lure you into compromising your healthy lifestyle!