6 Tips to Improve Heart Health, Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

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By : Suvarna Sheth

February is American Heart Month. And in order to help millions of Americans currently living with high blood pressure to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke, the American Medical Association (AMA) is offering six tips for Americans to take to improve their heart health.

“As the calendar turns to American Heart Month, we are calling on all Americans to take control of their heart health by knowing and monitoring their blood pressure levels and making healthy lifestyle changes that can significantly reduce the risk of serious health consequences associated with high blood pressure,” says Dr. Barbara L. McAneny, AMA president.

“Nearly half of all U.S. adults are living with high blood pressure and at increased risk of heart attack and stroke,” McAneny adds. “We know that by empowering more patients to monitor and control their blood pressure, we will continue to not only help improve health outcomes for patients but also reduce health care costs.”

Check out AMA’s 6 tips.