Diabeloop to Present its Automated Insulin Delivery System in Las Vegas

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By : Suvarna Sheth

Diabeloop, a French company developing pioneering technology for type 1 diabetes, is making its second appearance at CES, the world’s leading technology event, on January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas.

The firm will present its plan to adapt its machine-learning adult diabetes management system to children.

Diabeloop’s system is an integrated closed-loop insulin delivery system made up of three devices: a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), a patch insulin pump and a handset terminal hosting the algorithms developed by Diabeloop and acting as a user interface with the system.

These algorithms predict blood sugar levels and instruct the pump to automatically deliver insulin doses.

“The result of extensive consultations with patients, doctors, engineers and software developers, this disruptive innovation will transform the lives of patients, relieving them of many of the daily treatment decisions they have to make,” the company states in a corporate release.

In adopting its artificial pancreas system, or automated insulin delivery system, dubbed, DBLG1, for adults to children– the company says it wants to boost pediatric care and improve the short-term quality of life and overall longevity of children while relieving their loved ones of the stress of managing the disease on a daily basis.

Diabeloop says the system is customizable and adjustable to every child’s physiology and pace of life with several functionalities and it is made to fit every body type.

Clinical trials with children are set to begin in Belgium and France in 2019.

Diabeloop received the CE mark for marketing its product in November 2018. Read the news here.

Diabeloop Gets Regulatory Approval for “Artificial Pancreas System” in Europe

Image Credit: CES