Dexcom Acquires TypeZero Technologies, Paving the Way for Automated Insulin Delivery

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By : Suvarna Sheth

DexCom, Inc. a leader in continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes, announced that it acquired TypeZero Technologies, Inc., late last month.

TypeZero is developing an “inControl diabetes management system,” which is a control algorithm that runs on a smartphone app. It communicates with an insulin pump and CGM to automatically adjust basal and bolus insulin as needed when a hypo or high blood sugar is predicted.

The algorithm is designed to provide personalized diabetes management solutions including technology to automatically adjust and regulate insulin delivery.

“As the first iCGM designated by the FDA, Dexcom again has the opportunity to lead the market for integrated systems for diabetes management.,” said Steve Pacelli, Dexcom’s Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development, in a press release.

The acquisition sends Dexcom on its way in the race to create an artificial pancreas system, rather than simply offering a continuous glucose monitoring device.

One of the greatest benefits of the inControl diabetes management system is that it is designed to be pump and CGM “agnostic,” which means it will not lock users into any specific product brand.

According to a Healthline article, Dexcom confirms it will continue in this mission and will push a Dexcom CGM or any particular pump model to eventual customers of this system.

This will benefit consumers because they will be able to choose devices and tools that work best for them, instead of being locked into a particular CGM, pump or smartpen device.

“The TypeZero team is excited for our next chapter as part of Dexcom,” said Chad Rogers, TypeZero’s CEO. “For the last several years, our company has been committed to creating diabetes management products that simplify the life of a person with diabetes. As part of Dexcom, we will continue to embrace the mission to empower people with diabetes through innovation.”

Dexcom currently expects to support the first commercial launch of an automated insulin system using the inControl algorithm in 2019.