DarioHealth Introduces “Membership-in-a-Box” to Retailers Like Best Buy

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By : dLife Editors

DarioHealth Corp. announced today that its online membership offering will now be available for purchase in physical retail stores.

The “Membership-in-a-Box” (MIB) package was designed to reach consumers with chronic conditions such as diabetes who shop at retail stores.

This concept started in partnership with Best Buy Online in the U.S., is now planned to expand to other retail chains.

Prior to this expansion, retail stores only sold the Dario blood glucose meters, strips, and other supplies. This is another move by Dario with the goal and potential to generate recurring revenues consistent with its high-margin, software as a service (SAAS) based model.

How Does The “Membership-in-a-Box” (MIB) Work?

For a fixed price, the buyer leaves the store with all they need to get started on their Dario journey for better health: a Dario blood glucose meter, test strips, and lancets.

Once the user connects their meter to their smart device and activates the membership, they gain access to the entire gamut of services offered through the membership just purchased.

The member is immediately greeted with the comprehensive Dario on-boarding process. After starting, this consumer will receive unlimited test strips and supplies based on their personal consumption recorded via their meter.

They will also have access to a personal coach for education, support — motivation that has been clinically proven to produce better outcomes for healthier living.

MIB plans are currently available for three-month periods through Best Buy Online. Once the initial period finishes, members have the option to renew the service through Dario.

Currently, 75% of Dario memberships sold via the Dario app are renewed, a rate significantly higher than similar offerings from other membership programs in the digital therapeutics market. The existing Dario membership offering will continue to be available.

“We believe that Dario’s membership has great success because it offers simplicity, continuity, and peace of mind to users for a low price,” said Olivier Jarry, president, and CCO, DarioHealth. “All Dario memberships include an unlimited, automated supply of test strips and the premium memberships include unlimited access to a personal Dario coach,”

By selling memberships in physical stores, Jarry said the hope is to increase Dario’s reach to the millions of consumers who visit Best Buy each year while potentially increasing our recurring revenue streams.


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