Dance Biopharm Partners With DarioHealth for Smart Insulin Inhaler

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By : dLife Editors

Dance Biopharm, a company developing inhaled therapies for the treatment of chronic diseases, announced today it has formed an alliance with DarioHealth Corp, a global digital therapeutics company.

Under the agreement, Dance Biopharm will integrate its gentle mist smart inhaler into DarioHealth’s digital therapeutics platform to provide patients automated, real-time treatment data through an advanced mobile application.

Dario will immediately start the design of the integrated solution for Dance to accommodate clinical trials and, upon regulatory approval, any marketed solutions.

“We are excited to partner with DarioHealth in empowering patients to take charge of their chronic illness. This platform is well established in the digital therapeutics space and has demonstrated positive behavior change in patients with chronic diseases through its user-centered approach,” said Anne Whitaker, chief executive officer of Dance Biopharm said in a press release.

Whitaker indicated both companies share a similar goal of adapting our platforms to chronic diseases beyond diabetes.

“Dance Biopharm is exploring opportunities to pair the smart inhaler with gentle mist biologic formulations beyond insulin,” Whitaker said.

Dario Health is equally excited about the alliance.

“Our goal is to place control of diabetes management directly into the hands of our users and, pending completion of clinical trials and regulatory approval, we believe that this alliance will help advance that critical objective,” said Erez Raphael, chief executive officer of DarioHealth in a statement.

About Dance Biopharm’s Smart Inhaler

Dance Biopharm’s smart inhaler paired with proprietary gentle mist allows for optimal and precise delivery of therapies through the lungs.

The vibrating mesh within the device facilitates the transmission of a soft mist that allows for a lung deposition 2-4 times higher than conventional inhalers.

In clinical trials, the device delivered a gentle mist formulation of human insulin with a faster drug onset and comparable duration to subcutaneous delivery of rapid insulin (Humalog) in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Dance is also advancing a convenient inhalable pre-meal GLP-1 receptor agonist to improve postprandial glucose control in Type 2 patients.

More About Dario’s Technologies

Dario’s digital therapeutics platform combines data analytics, high-quality software, and personalized coaching to empower individuals with information to make healthy behavioral changes.

The user-centric platform is comprised of MyDario(TM), a mobile application that is data-driven, with an all-in-one blood glucose monitoring system and an optional connected blood pressure monitoring system.

It is complemented by DarioEngage(TM), a healthcare solutions platform for health and wellness providers to customize and integrate a patient’s data into their care continuum.

Featured image courtesy: Dance Biopharm.


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