Abbott and Novo Nordisk Partner to Provide Digital Solution for Those Using Insulin

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By : Suvarna Sheth

Abbott and Novo Nordisk today announced a deal that connects two key technologies: Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and connected insulin pens.

The companies plan to integrate insulin dose data from Novo Nordisk’s connected pens directly into the digital health tools that are compatible with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system.

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system reads glucose levels through a sensor that can be worn on the back of the upper arm eliminating the need for routine finger pricks.

Novo Nordisk’s has a broad range of pen needles that are designed to help make injections more comfortable. Connected insulin pens are pre-filled and durable.

Integrating these two products will enable healthcare professionals, caregivers and people with diabetes to view glucose and insulin data together to help them make more informed treatment decisions and to have a more meaningful and productive conversation about health outcomes.

“It is our aim at Abbott to continuously provide life-changing technology to people living with diabetes,” said Jared Watkin, senior vice president, Diabetes Care, Abbott. “By enabling insulin dosing data from Novo Nordisk′s connected pens to be shared with our digital health tools, we′ll be able to help further eliminate those daily hassles for people, so they have more time to live a fuller, healthier life.”

The lack of reliable information is a cause of huge frustration for many people with diabetes and their doctors, added Anders Dyhr Toft, corporate vice president, Commercial Innovation, Novo Nordisk. “Together with partners like Abbott, our connected pens will give healthcare professionals a better understanding of a patient′s individual diabetes management and can help people with diabetes feel more confident in their treatment,” he said.

Abbott and Novo Nordisk will bring integrated solutions to patients as soon as possible.

Feature Image: Courtesy Abbott.


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