AADE: Which Apps and Mobile Platform Do You Use?

Published on
By : Suvarna Sheth

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is taking strides to keep the diabetes educator community up-to-date on the latest diabetes technology.

The recent decade has seen an exceptional number of apps, devices and digital tools for managing diabetes and educators need to stay current so they can, in turn, advise patients on the best solutions for their individual needs.

AADE recently launched a new online portal called DANA (Diabetes Advanced Network Access), available for free to AADE members. It can be accessed here. The site aims to be a comprehensive diabetes technology resource for CDEs and diabetes healthcare providers.

Users can also search for curated health apps using DANA here. The organization’s “App Boutique,” on the site makes it easy for educators to discover, download, and manage apps.

The site also provides professional reviews and personalized recommendations to users find the right apps based on their goals and interests.

The site gives information on over 200 products, including 30 apps relevant to diabetes care.

In its efforts, the AADE wants to learn about which apps people are using in managing their diabetes from educators like yourself. You can take the survey here.