24 Top Fiber Foods for Diabetes

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By : dLife Editors

When it comes to eating well with diabetes, fiber is the slam-dunk. Not only does it have a bunch of health benefits unto itself, it also reduces the impact of the other carbs you eat. This impact is reliable enough that, in carb counting, you can actually subtract fiber grams from your total carb grams. Check out these twenty-five powerhouse fiber foods.

FoodServingCarbs (grams)Fiber (grams)Net Carbs (grams)
Avocado1/2 medium8.571.5
Almonds1/4 cup532
Cauliflower (cooked)1 cup532
Spinach (cooked)1 cup74.52.5
Edamame (cooked)1/2 cup, shelled743
Blackberries (raw)1/2 cup743
Raspberries (raw)1/2 cup7.543.5
Cabbage (cooked)1 cup, shredded835
Broccoli (cooked)1 cup1156
Eggplant (cooked)1 cup, cubed8.52.56
Artichoke (cooked)1 medium, edible parts1477
Brussels sprouts (cooked)1 cup1147
Green Peas (cooked)1/2 cup12.54.58
Pear (raw)1 medium254.58
Pumpkin1 cup, mashed1239
Lentils (cooked)1/2 cup20812
Lima beans (cooked)1/2 cup19.56.513
Black Beans (cooked)1/2 cup20.57.513
Kidney Beans (cooked)1/2 cup20614
Popcorn3 cups193.515.5
Chickpeas (cooked)1/2 cup22.5616.5
Pearled Barley (cooked)1/2 cup22319
Apple (raw)1 medium254.520.5
Oatmeal (cooked)1 cup27423

*  Net carbs are the grams of total carbs in a food minus its grams of fiber. Since fiber is not digested by the body, it does not raise your blood sugar.