I am a type 2 diabetic, and a veteran exposed to agent orange. Recently my blood work showed an eGFR of 58. Should I think about changing my diet?

I am a Type 2 diabetic with A1c tests ranging between upper 6’s and lower 7’s. Recently my blood work showed an eGFR of 58. I realize this is border line between Stage 2 and 3 CKD. I am wondering if now is a time to be more concerned about my diet. Do I need to get with my dietitian and change my diet?

PS: When I examine my genealogy, I know of no other evidence of diabetes. I am a Vietnam War veteran and unfortunately had exposure to agent orange. I can say that with exposure, diabetes is a preemptive condition for the VA. While there is a clear connection between diabetes and CKD, I can not say with certainty what the connection is between exposure and CKD.